More than 200 utilities rely on award-winning training programs from Professional Training Solutions - for over 25 years - for faster, easier, more cost-effective meter reader training. Meter-ProTM is the industry standard for training meter readers and is used by 90 percent of the largest utilities in the U.S., and used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. This unique computer-based training program is available only from Professional Training Solutions.

Meter-ProTM was developed by Greg Gozdowiak, named Outstanding Gas Manager of the Year in 1995 by Gas Industries Magazine. His patented, results-driven training techniques guarantee results and have become the largest-selling training courseware in the business for these important reasons:

Increase in bottom line revenue
• 30 percent average increase in read rate accuracy
• Fewer costly rereads and investigations
• Decline in utility customer complaints

Professional Training Solutions software is easy to use, consistent and measurable, and requires minimal supervision. Trainees proceed at their own pace and receive immediate feedback and correction. Interpretation of individual practice and read test results enables you to identify potential problem areas specifically related to meter reading, and allows you to benchmark yourself against other Meter-ProTM customers in an increasingly competitive utility environment. The program can also be used for group training, skill sharpening and objective screening of job candidates. Meter-ProTM is also now available over the Internet providing online training from anywhere. Click here to find out more about Meter-ProSM Online.

Meter-ProTM teaches fast, accurate meter reading. It is the easiest, most effective way to train utility meter readers.


Small errors can amount to big dollars. Take an average employee reading 300 meters per day as an example:

• If the meter reader were 99 percent accurate, s/he would make three errors per day (1 percent errors x 300 reads).
• If these errors caused three customers to be billed incorrectly by only $10 each, that meter reader's mistakes would cost your customers $30 per day!

Re-reads are big-time losers.

• Assuming a 1 percent error rate, a utility that reads one million meters per year would see 10,000 errors.
• If only half-or 5,000-of those errors required re-reads, at a cost of $35 per read, that is an annual loss of $175,000!



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